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Here's our success system:

  • "The Wealth of Individuals" e-book
  • 8 master-class videos
  • Confidential coaching app with personal dreamsheet
  • Suggested mentor and peer connections
  • LIVE optional Zoom calls
  • Growth leader certification
  • Membership invite for NextLEVL.org
Mike Hren Profile

"Leap Week helped me see how to use my experience and knowledge to scale my business -- and understand how transformation happens every day."

Here's what other Leap Week grads have to say:

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"I really like Mike's model for how value is created in business today. This is a great system for anyone that wants to understand what's happening in our economy and grow faster!"

Jeff Swartz, CEO of Ethic

Justin Tennant

"Learning, change and creativity is the lifeblood of our company. NextLEVL.org provides a very simple model and system for managing and accelerating that change."

Justin Tennant, CEO of SPS

"This e-book is a primer for how change happens on a personal level, and on an organizational level. I refer to Mike's model often in meetings. NextLEVL.org is for anyone leading change today."

Joe Aiello, CEO of Rentacrate

Matt Withium

"Mike often says 'nothing is wasted.' His mental model for how the creative process works shows how everything is a learning experience. We just need to trust the process."

Matt Withum, Paylocity developer

"Mike's e-book really helped me understand how the creative process works in business and why it is so frustrating at times. I highly recommend NextLEVL.org to any employee!"

Robin Zoufalik, POH BD manager

"This system reinforces what we all know to be true on a deeper level. We are all called to create more value for our companies. This system strengthens that value creation process."

Jon Krystek, COO Knichel

"I love this program. It is based on the belief that we are all born as creators and have the power to create the future we want. As a student, I need to hear this message often."

Molly McAllister, Duquense student

"I often struggled on my own with thoughts going round and round in my head. This is a safe place to express my ideas and get feedback from a community of peers and mentors that care."

Alex Hren, Pitt architect major

"I have a strong desire to grow and create my own path. This system provides a personalized learning experience to accelerate my learning and jump start my career in business."

Eli Hren, Digital Marketing intern

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